Mum bags £495 worth of kids’ clothes at B&M for just £8 – and EVERYTHING cost 10p – The Sun

A SAVVY shopper has wowed social media users after sharing her impressive haul of kids' clothes, accessories and toys from B&M – and items cost as little as 10p each.

Bargain hunters are flocking to B&M as the store has reduced dozens of products in the sale, with some items starting at just 10p.

Taking to the Facebook group B&M Stores Bargains and More, the mum shared a collection of snaps of her impressive haul.

She explained: "Everything cost 10p each except the bag which was 50p.

"Total RRP £495.28… I paid £8.70."

From sweet kids' presents to bread-and-butter items like socks, the woman made sure to stock up on both luxuries and essentials while she had the chance – and for 10p a piece, who can blame her?

From sports bras to leggings, the savvy shopper didn't hold back in the active wear section, even taking home an Adidas fragrance.

Ensuring she and her brood are prepared for winter months, the woman took home an selection of cosy fleece pyjamas, four children's Christmas outfits and a snugly bushed cotton pillow case.

When she reached the nightware section, the woman couldn't help herself, taking home five pairs of ladies' fluffy indoor shoes and six pairs of kids' slippers for good measure.

Other members of the group quickly congratulated the eagle-eyed shopper for finding such an impressive collection of cut-priced items.

One woman said: "Brilliant, well done."

Another added: "Wow well done! Great haul!"

B&M have filled many bargian hunters with glee recently after reducing much of their old stock to 10p in a bid to clear the shelves to make way for new items.

As we told you recently, shoppers were thrilled to take home 10p fleece blankets, while some branches have also reduced bedding and curtains.

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