Mum in hospital asks her son to bring her some clean knickers & is mortified by what he turns up with

A MUM who was staying in hospital was left mortified by her son's attempts to help out when she explained she had ran out of clean underwear and needed some fresh knickers brought to her from home.

Given that hospital gowns tend to come with an inconvenient slit that runs up the back, she was in dire need of some fresh pants to wear and, you know, keep her modesty covered too.

The mum explained in a Facebook post shared via group Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas that her eldest son had offered to help her out and bring in a bag of underwear for her.

The only thing is, he wasn't so clued up on which of her knickers would be best appropriate and she was left mortified when she pulled out the pants he had chosen – sexy Brazilian cut knickers covered in lace.

She wrote: "So I am in hospital wearing a hospital gown ( slit up back ) and have run out of underwear after being here a week, no visitors allowed but things can be dropped at reception.

"My oldest son wants to be helpful and says don't worry mum I bring you your bits… I open bag to find Victoria secrets finest black lace.. red and black lace and turquoise Brazilian diamontè. Not my lovely comfy Bridget Jones's (sic)."

Left red-faced, the mum was then forced to explain to her son why the knickers he picked were not appropriate and why women choose to wear "stupid knickers" sometimes.

The mum continued: "Queue hilarious conversation about types of women's knickers and gradings of knickers comfort wise and why women wear stupid knickers sometimes… something boys obviously don't know nothing about ( boxers boxers more boxers )embrassment all round and a quick text to sister and best friend to save me from my own stupid knicker purchases!!! (sic)"

Quizzing fellow mums on Facebook, she signed off: "What's [you're] most inappropriate hospital attire?" before adding: "OMG thank you all for your amazing very funny stories of inappropriate knickers and clothes I have loved reading them whilst stuck here in hospital.

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"And I am feeling thankful that at least mine have a gusset."

People reacted to her post over 10,000 times, with hundreds commenting and sharing their own funny stories.

One woman posted: "My friend was in the hospital after giving birth, next to her bed there was a woman who asked her husband to bring something warm to wear. From all the warm items she had, her husband brought her the ski suit."

Another said: "My hubby used to go commando…..all the time….didn't own underpants/boxers. Until he had a very serious motorbike accident 3 years ago (he's OK now, thankfully) well at the side of a very busy motorway in morning rush hour traffic his leathers and jeans had to be off him at the side of the road. He was in and out of consciousness so didn't think to warn the emergency services. Safe to say he has worn them ever since…"

A third wrote: "Omg my boyfriend once brought me thongs when I asked for more underwear after giving birth."


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