Mum moves her sofa for the first time in years and is horrified by all the junk her kids have dropped behind it

A MUM was horrified after she finally moved her sofa only to discover piles of junk her kids had dropped behind it over the years.

The back of the sofa is usually where remotes and loose change end up, but if you’re a parent it becomes a blackhole for clothes, toys, shoes and books. 

And that’s exactly what one mum found after she finally moved the couch.

Sharing a snap of the mess to Tips to Organize & Declutter Home and Life, she wrote: “This was under my couch. 

“I’m so shocked and embarrassed. Please be nice.”

Amongst the pile on the floor are playing cards, a soft toy, games and even a noticeboard. 

I’m so shocked and embarrassed

More than 1,000 people commented on the relatable snap, sharing horror stories of what they’ve found under their own sofa. 

One mum wrote: “I can relate. Don't be embarrassed. Shame on people who judge."

Another suggested: “Wrap what you can before they see it and come the next birthday you’re already set with a gift.”

A third thought: “ROFL, guess you know where to look for lost items now.”

This parent commented: “The underside of my couch has looked like that too.”

While this mum revealed: “I once found a petrified dead frog under mine! It had gotten out about two years prior. I thought the cat ate it.”

And another added: “Many of us are smiling real big because I know mine is worse!!!!” 

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