Mum praises 79p Aldi shampoo for halving the time it takes to wash her daughter’s hair – and leaving it even shinier than before – The Sun

A MUM has praised a bargain shampoo that costs less than £1 for halving the time it takes to wash her young daughter's hair.

The woman, called Laverne, has revealed the 79p product from Aldi has stopped bath time being a "chore" – and left her little girl's hair shinier.

Posting in the Facebook group 'Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK', she shared a snap of her daughter's freshly-washed hair and a picture of the Lacura Mango Kids' '2 In 1 Conditioning Shampoo'.

The mum wrote: "So, every hair wash day is such a chore with the length of my daughters hair, and the time it takes.

"I always use branded shampoo/conditioner, I picked this up in Aldi for 79p!!

"I honestly couldn’t be happier with it.

"Took me half the time it usually takes, much cheaper products and the result is just as amazing."

Her post has already received more than 4,600 'likes' and more than 1,000 comments, as fellow members rushed to share their own positive experiences.

One person wrote: "I use this its fantastic. Smells amazing too."

Another commented: "They don't always have it stocked…so when they do I buy it in bulk…my daughter has really tangled hair and this is the best shampoo I've found…and we've tried loads…it also smells amazing."

  • Lacura Mango Kids' Shampoo, 79p, Aldi – buy here

A third shared: "We love this shampoo! So easy to brush after too."

And a fourth added: "What beautiful hair."

Many mums also praised another Aldi product – the Lacura Tea Tree Kids' '3 In 1 Conditioning Shampoo' – which contains natural lice repellent.

One person: " I use the 3 in 1 one to repel headlice as well, its great on my kids hair."

Another commented: "The green one does the same thing with the shine and conditioning and no tangles but also contains natural lice repellents as an added bonus."

A third shared: "I use the green bottle has its head lice repellent and it’s amazing."

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