Mum reveals how she got £23.38 worth of food for just £1.42 at Asda, and she even has enough milk to last a whole month – The Sun

A MUM has revealed how she managed to bag £23.38 of food for a mere £1.42 in Asda – and she claims to have bought enough milk to last a whole month.

The woman's shopping haul included ready meals, salad, candy apples, baguettes and salad vegetables for as little as 10p.

Sharing a photo of the long receipt to the Facebook group Extreme Coupons and Bargains UK, the thrifty person wrote: "Nipped into Asda this evening just after 7 and scored all these beauties, everything will be frozen and stored in the chest freezer.

"It was meant to be £23.85 but including my healthy start voucher of £3.10 the total came to just £1.42.

"The milk alone will set us up for well over a month- needless to say I'm a happy camper!"

Her haul included numerous items reduced to 10p including bread and vegetables, which she can freeze and use another day.

She can also freeze the milk and drink it another day instead of heading to the shops for a fresh pint.

Not only did she manage to get a load of items reduced – she also used a Healthy Start voucher to knock even more money off.

People have rushed to the comments section to congratulate the bargain hunter on her nifty haul.

One person wrote: "I get so jealous of these posts. Never get any good ones but well done, I'd be super chuffed."

A second added: "Well done! It’s always good to know you have a few items in the freezer to help you through the month as there is always an unexpected bill that needs paying."

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