Mum shares easy nappy folding hack which stops those horror poo explosions

AS A first-time mum, there will be plenty of things you learn about parenting as you go through it.

Luckily, one mum has shared the things she has learnt along the journey – in the hopes to make it a little easier for others.

Autumn Grace, from the US, has a series sharing all the things she wish she had known before becoming a mum.

In one Instagram reel, she shared the nappy hack she wished she had known at the start which prevents blow outs.

She said: "Things I wish I knew as a first time mum.

"Here's how to avoid back blow outs," as she demonstrated on a doll wearing a nappy and some Nutella to resemble poo.


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She reveals the simple way to stop it happening – by taking the top of the nappy and folding it over before putting it on your baby.

This way the fold will catch any poo before it makes its way all over your babies back and clothes.

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Autumn shared another hack so you don't get a messy surprise with kids first thing in the morning.

If your child has learnt how to unzip their onesie at night and you've found them making a mess then there's a simple solution.

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The mum-of-one suggests putting their onesie on back to front so that they cant reach their zipper.

Viewers of the videos were grateful Autumn shared her tips.

One wrote: "Legend, thanks a million!"

"You mean folding the back helps blow outs?!?!? I will have to try!" Wrote another.

A third commented: "I have had 3 babies and never knew this I'm getting ready to have my last little one most definitely going to have to try this thank you."

"Have had too many blow outs….this will be our new way of life," commented a fourth person.

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