Mum's easy hack is a game-changer for moving house & it'll save you SO much time

MOVING house is one of the most stressful activities – but one mum has come up with a way of making it less painful.

Kat Lane, who posts under @kat_laneandco on TikTok, shared her easy technique for keeping everything organised. 

When she needs to move, the Aussie said she grabs a pack of colourful paper to make a handy system.

She gives a different colour to each room in the house, such as green for the kitchen, turquoise for the lounge, and orange for the main bedroom.


Once boxes are filled with belongings, Kat then labels each box with the coloured paper to show where it will go in the new house..

She recommends putting her colour-coded guide next to the front door in the new pad, so the family and removal helpers can see which box belongs where. 

And she will also put small bits of coloured paper on room door handles, so the kids can help out with the move.

In a video which has racked up over 388,000 views, she said: “On a separate sheet of paper, I pop on each of the colours and write next to them what room they go in.

“When you get to the new house, pop that piece of paper next to your front door and also pop a piece of paper on each of the doors so everybody knows exactly what boxes go with which room.”

Many people were quick to praise the idea in the comments. 

One raved: “This is an incredible idea and I’m honestly mad you didn’t tell me sooner.”

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