My disgusting neighbour keeps leaving his dog’s poop out the front – I decided to clear it & got revenge in the best way | The Sun

WE all hope to get on with our neighbours.

But one woman hasn't been so lucky as her neighbour keeps letting his dog poo out the front and not picking it up.

Taking anonymously to Reddit she revealed her neighbour got a dog a few years ago and he would regularly take him out for walks.

But recently, he has stopped and has let his dog poop all over the front of the apartment block's yard.

The mum had asked him multiple times to clear it up, and yet, he hadn't.

She revealed: "We've asked him multiple times to clean up after his dog & he always given us "I will tomorrow" line but never kept through.


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"So now that all the snow is melted, all you see is dog poop everywhere."

One night, the mum, who was smoking a cigarette outside, decided enough was enough and took matters into her own hands.

She penned: "I just grew so tired of seeing/smelling dog poop & since he wasn't making effort, I thought I'd help out.

"So I threw on rubber boots & grabbed a rake. And I pretty much just sweeped it all onto his patio area.

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"My thoughts were it's his belongings so it should stay on his area. So now I can't wait until tomorrow when he sees it lol that's all!"

The mum couldn't wait to see her nightmare neighbour's face when he saw what she left him but others were concerned for the dog.

The post was inundated with comments, one wrote: "That poor dog."

Another commented: "I'm not saying not cleaning up after your dog is OK, I'm just saying that someone imposing their smoke smell on their neighbours while complaining about smells coming from their yard is, well, somewhat lacking in self-reflection."

"There is a lot of judgement in your actions and not much compassion or empathy. I would be sad if my old folks were treating others this way and got treated this way. I understand your frustration," penned a third.

Someone else added: "Reminds me of something similar I did, some people in my neighbourhood don’t pick up their dogs poop and since I’m outside with my dogs almost all day in a pretty small neighbourhood, I can see who’s poop it belongs to. Guess where this going. I scooped up their poop with shovel and put it in front of their doors."

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