My rude neighbours sent me a note about my dog barking all the time… I’ll never tell her to ‘shut up’ like they want me | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER has revealed how she has got into a dispute with her neighbour – because of her dog. 

Anna took to her TikTok page to share her anger about receiving an aggressive note which was anonymous. 

The dog owner, who goes by the name of ‘Anna_Motivated’ on TikTok, shared a picture of the note which was taped on her car.

It read: “It utterly blows our minds that this letter even has to be written. 

“The lack of awareness and common courtesy is unreal.

“First off, we’ve had 100 degree days and no dog should be left outside in heat like that. 



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“Second, you just moved in and have shown zero respect for your neighbours.

“We can hear your dog half way down the street barking most of the day!!

“Common courtesy is to shut your dog up.

“And good dog owners wouldn’t have their dog outside in the heat like this.

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“Shaded or not.

“Going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you were busy unpacking…since clearly you are home.

“Have some respect for your neighbours, get your barking dog under control and put them inside when it is this hot.”

Sharing her anger, she spoke to the camera and said: “So this morning after I brought my trash cans I found this note on tape in my car.

“One let me say that if you had an issue the first thing you should do was come and knock at my door.

“Not print this out and tape it to my car when you could just knock at the door, we could have had a conversation calmly and everything.

“Because I'm like okay my dogs being loud i'll let her in.

“Three, my dog comes in and out of the house when she wants to because there's a door for her to go in and out.

“She's barking because there's like 100 construction sites going on and she hears all the noise and all the trucks of course she's gonna bark.

“I'm not gonna tell my dog to shut up.

“Like shh, the quiet sky our neighbours don’t like you barking.

“If you had a problem then you should have come and knocked down my door. We could have solved it and I would have just bought her in.

“But don't leave this rude note on my door and expect everything to be okay.

“And then you are anonymous about it like if you really have something to say and then you should sign who you were or let me know.

“So that way you can talk but you just left anonymously.

“And you knew there were no cameras outside of my driveway because they don't get delivered until thursday.

“But this just irritated me and like I literally, i'm irritated. y'all irritated.”

The video attracted lots of attention with many rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “Dogs bark. They’re protecting the house. Lol the only times I will call my dogs in is if it’s 4 am and their barking goes on too long.”

Another said: “My dog hates construction too but we have trained her well enough that now she just goes into her cage (willingly) as a safe place instead of barking.”

To which Anna replied: “That’s good we just got here this weekend so she is getting used to it, before there were no pigeons in the backyard she barked at.”

A third commented: “I understand both sides especially because you JUST moved in.

"They should’ve talked to you face to face but just making sure that you do try to train her not to do that all day.

“Just imagine being in their shoes. It's a quiet neighbourhood now there's a dog bark.

“I also agree that a dog barking outside nonstop isn’t the greatest sound. 

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“You don’t need to tell your dog to shut up but all day?

“I can see how it is frustrating on both ends.”

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