People are only just realising they’ve been pouring milk wrong… and the right way means no more spillages | The Sun

THEY say never to cry over spilt milk.

And if you try this hack then you'll have no reason for tears, as it apparently prevents spillages.

Mark Brown took to his @rightguysreview TikTok page to share the life-changing hack.

"Right guys, so apparently this is the wrong way to pour milk," he began.

He demonstrated the normal way of pouring milk from a carton – from the spout in the bottom section of the carton – with the white drink splashing as it entered the glass.

"You're meant to do it this way," he explained.

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He then turned the carton so the spout was at the top, before pouring it out easily and with no spillages whatsoever.

"No way," he concluded his video, laughing as he saw how easily the milk poured.

People quickly took to the comments section to weigh in on the hack with one writing: "OMG".

"Brilliant, thank you!" another added.

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As a third commented: "It's like Guinness you have to do it at the right angle and for the right duration."

"Who knew?" someone else said.

But others were more interested in the fact that the carton Mark was using to demonstrate the fact showed that the milk was more than a year out of date.

"I wouldn't be worried about the pouring, that milk is over a year out of date," one wrote.

"Right Guys….. Who keeps milk out of date?" another questioned.

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"ITS OUT OF DATE," someone else commented.

To which another replied: "I’m pretty sure it’s long life milk, so you can keep it in cupboards and then open it even after it’s best before, unlike fresh milk."

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