People are only just realizing that there’s a right way to shave down there & we make 3 common mistakes | The Sun

DO you ever get inflamed bumps or irritated skin when you shave your intimate area? If so, you're probably doing it wrong.

One YouTube video exposed the three common mistakes women make when they shave their bikini area, and there's a right way to do it.

Everyone has a shaving routine that works best for their skin.

Whether you prefer thick cream, cold water, or regular soap, you may not realize your razor technique matters too.

YouTube lifestyle channel YellowClover shared the three mistakes women make when shaving their sensitive area.

And it's all about what you do with the razor.


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Although you may be in the habit of rushing the process, YellowClover encourages you not to.

If you rush, you're most likely going straight into shaving your intimate area upwards.

And you shouldn't be.

Next, according to YellowClover, women typically don't stretch their skin down there when they should.

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If you don't stretch your skin, you could end up with a few cuts and some redness.

And another mistake that often results in irritation is putting too much pressure on the razor.

There's no need to press too hard on your skin; the razor should be sharp enough.

If not, it's time to ditch the dull tool for a new one.

"Do not shave up first do not put pressure and do keep the skin taut when shaving or waxing certain parts," one viewer commented on the video.

Another viewer shared a different approach altogether.

"Major mistake, shaving at all while men go hairy with none of the expense or inconvenience," they wrote.

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