People call me a fat pig & say I make them sick but are totally shocked when they see my epic make-up transformation | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that trolls call her a fat pig and say that she makes them feel sick, but are totally shocked when they see her epic make-up transformation. 

Miah Carter, also known on TikTok as ‘your body confidence big sis’, recently took to the video sharing platform to address the nasty comments she has received from trolls. 

The 19-year-old body confident babe and plus-size influencer, from Berkshire, struggled with her weight for years and made the decision to share her self-love journey online to help inspire other women.

She has now amassed an impressive 2.9million followers on the video sharing platform and has inspired many women to feel great about their bodies.

But despite Miah’s positive mission, she explained that she has been brutally targeted by online trolls. 

In a recent clip which she shared with the caption ‘you’re beautiful’, she mimed along to Lizzo’s song Special, as she sang the lyrics: “I'm used to feeling alone, so I thought that I'd let you know, in case nobody told you today, you're special.” 

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In the clip, we saw Miah wearing a black crop top and a pair of black leggings. 

Showing off her belly and make-up free face, Miah revealed that she has received a variety of nasty, abusive messages from trolls about her appearance.

She claimed that trolls have called her “fat” and said she looks like a “pig.”

Not only this, but she claimed that people have said that she makes them feel sick. 

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Miah also suffers from a skin condition known as Acanthosis Nigricans which causes her skin to darken around her mouth and neck.

She explained that trolls have also told her to “take a shower” and have said “clean your neck.” 

In another clip, Miah responded to a nasty comment that read: “Wash ya neck and get up and go to the gym.”

In response to the abusive troll, Miah claimed that it “costs nothing to be nice.”

At the start of the clip, Miah filmed herself from below, showing off her make-up free skin and messy hair.

But seconds later, Miah showed off her glamorous make-up look and her straightened locks.

Clapping back to the trolls, she mimed along to Big Weenie, by Eminem, as she sang: “I don't understand, why are you being so mean? You're a mean, mean man.

“You're just jealous of me 'cause you, you just can't do what I do, so instead of just admitting it, you walk around and say all kinds of really mean things about me, cause you're a meanie, a meanie.” 

Many social media users were left stunned at Miah’s gorgeous make-up and were eager to compliment her in the comments. 

One person said: “You are really really beautiful and perfect. Ignore people and don’t listen.”

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Another added: “Your makeup is gorgeous.”

A third commented: “Don’t listen to others, you look beautiful.”

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