Queen sent a sweet secret sign in honour of beloved Prince Philip during her COP26 speech, royal expert claims

THE Queen gave a secret touching tribute to her late husband Prince Philip during her speech for a Cop26 reception.

Her Majesty spoke to world leaders with a pre-recorded message and eagle-eyed fans spotted a photo in the background of the Duke of Edinburgh surrounded by butterflies.

The striking photo is from the Queen’s private collection, and was taken in Mexico in 1988.

The monarch also wore a diamond and ruby butterfly brooch below her left shoulder which has a very special meaning to her. 

The stunning jewellery piece was given to the Queen from the Dowager Countess of Onslow  when she married Prince Philip in 1947.

The Duke of Edinburgh passed away on April 9 earlier this year at the age of 99.

Royal commentator Angela Levin wrote on Twitter: “Fascinating that the Queen had a butterfly brooch on her dress and a photo of her late husband surrounded by butterflies.  

“The butterfly is supposed to give a message from the deceased that they are ok and just living in another realm.”

Tobias Kormind of 77 Diamonds said to the Express: "The Queen chose to wear the stunning Onslow Butterfly Brooch and a classic 3 string pearl necklace with matching earrings to the COP26 summit.

"It's a lovely combination of Rubies and Diamonds. Given the purpose of the summit, the brooch and pearls are purposely understated, and perhaps the brooch is also a nod to Prince Philip's longstanding commitment to the environment."

The Queen gave her video message after she was forced to pull out of the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow, as she recovers from an overnight stay in hospital a fortnight ago.

In her speech, she urged world leaders to recognise “that the time for words has now moved to the time for action”.

She also paid tribute to Philip and his work trying to raise awareness of climate change, and quoted a speech he made in 1969.

The Queen said: "In the coming days, the world has the chance to join in the shared objective of creating a safer, stabler future for our people and for the planet on which we depend.

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"None of us underestimates the challenges ahead: but history has shown that when nations come together in common cause, there is always room for hope.

"Working side by side, we have the ability to solve the most insurmountable problems and to triumph over the greatest of adversities.

"It has sometimes been observed that what leaders do for their people today is government and politics. But what they do for the people of tomorrow — that is statesmanship."

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