Romee Strijd Reveals Perfect Bikini Photo Secret

Victoria’s Secret Angel Romee Strijd knows a thing or two about beating the heat. The 23-year-old model has taken tons of envy-worthy swimsuit photos and always nails the model-off-duty-look when out in the sun. Strijd shared her must-haves with Stylish at Victoria’s Secret in L.A. in celebration of the brand’s Summer Scent event on May 18, and naturally, one of her essentials is a good fragrance.

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“I always spray a little perfume on me before leaving the house,” Strijd explains. “Right now my favorite is probably the Bombshell Paradise because it makes me think of summer and the sun. It’s super floral and fruity and I love it.”

As for some other items she always has on deck? “I always have lip balm in my bag. I love Rosebud Salve or Vaseline… anything simple that really hydrates my lips,” she shares.

Besides keeping her lips moisturized, Strijd relies on a few life-savers to keep her skin looking smooth and fresh on the beach. “The first thing is always sunscreen,” she tells Stylish. “I also love a highlighter and a little bit of oil to give a glow. … I add rich moisturizers after a day on the beach because I feel like my skin and hair are both a little more dry than usual and I love refreshing mists. It helps when it’s hot out!”

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When it comes to her hairstyles the Victoria’s Secret model likes to keeps it natural. “I love wearing my hair in a bun and I feel like I’m ready to go in the sea or anywhere. If I do go in the water, I love to let it down afterwards because I get a sea-salt, beachy look. I always have a hat too for when it gets super hot and sunscreen isn’t enough anymore,” she says.

Strijd likes to keep her summer fashion choices low-key and uncomplicated too. “My summer style is pretty casual. I love shorts with a big t-shirt and some flip flops. It’s super easy and comfortable. … You want to wear something that’s easy to throw on and off,” she shares. 

While her beauty and style regimen may be minimal, Strijd admits that staying in shape to feel confident in a bikini requires some work. “I love a mix of yoga, Pilates and weight training. I do weight training two times a week and yoga three times a week to lengthen. …For me, it’s about working out all year long and drinking a lot of water,” she reveals.

And picking out the perfect swimsuit has become a harder task since VS Swim launched new bathing suit styles: “I used to be just a bikini lover and only wear bikinis, but since VS Swim is back and released so many different styles, I like to play around.”

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Another time the model likes to have fun and experiment is when she’s striking a pose on the beach. “I love spontaneous photos,” she dishes. “Go in the water, splash around and take a photo,” Strijd recommends. 

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