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GET glistening pearly whites with Amazon's best-selling teeth whitening kit – and save 20% off.

Popular brand MySweetSmile has a range of bundle that are perfect for those who want to try out an at-home teeth whitening kit for less.

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The hugely popular bundles include teeth whitening powders, pens or teeth whitening strips.

Right now shoppers can save 20% off the MySweetSmile ultimate bundle, now £39.98.

Inside you will get the popular dentist-approved teeth whitening powder and teeth whitening strips, both of which help to remove stubborn stains caused by tea, caffeine, wine and smoking.

Alternatively, the MySweetSmile Whitening Trio bundle is also 20% off.

The trio bundle, which includes the powder, strips and a teeth whitening pen, normally costs £69.97.

But bargain-hunters can pick it up now for £55.98.


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The sets are a great fuss-free way to lighten and brighten your smile and are getting rave reviews online.

Shoppers have been flocking online to give the MySweetSmile products high praise.

One happy shopper noted: "I bought this product after seeing someone on tiktok recommending it and have got to say I'm pleasantly surprised by how well it works I'd say my teeth are a good 2 shades whiter after a few weeks of use, loads in the tub too so will last a while."

Another shared: "This is by far the best teeth whitening product I have tried, would highly recommend and have reordered more as it's now a bathroom must have."

Unlike other formulas which use ingredients such as charcoal, MySweetSmile uses a far gentler formula to oxidises stains.

The Pentasodium Triphosphate active whitening ingredient is both highly effective and non-abrasive.

So it is ideal if you suffer with sensitive teeth and gums.

For optimum results the brand suggests using the kits no more than once or twice a week.

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