Savvy couple build daughters a giant Wendy House wardrobe and now the kids don’t want to leave their room

A SAVVY couple built their daughters an incredible Wendy House wardrobe from scratch – and it’s made their kids never want to leave their room. 

Mum Jaime Craven, from Lichfield, decided to embark on a ‘lockdown 3.0 project’, so got her husband on the job. 

The dad knocked up the magical façade for just £180, which features a roof and windows, and shared a video of his project to TikTok. 

Jaime said: "My husband wanted a way to hide their wardrobe, so he built this wonderful life-size Wendy house. He managed to build it for just £180.

"We have been renovating since we bought our first flat in 2014 when we were 23 and 24."

The pair also shared their amazing dressing area to Facebook, saying: “We’ve had to make the difficult decision not to proceed with our planned extension with the way things are.

“Therefore we needed more living space meaning we had to move our children out of their lovely room and into another to make way for a kitchen. 

“I felt awful because they adored their room. So we’ve put extra effort into decorating their new room and my husband came up with a way to hide all their clothes and add a cool feature!

“Here we are! The girls’ wardrobe / house wall. It’s safe to say they’re not bothered about their old room anymore.” 

The project has racked up thousands of likes and comments, as people praised the couple’s idea. 

Commenting online, one person said: “I want one and I’m 26.”

Someone else wrote: “So clever. Love it!”

A third commented: “Stunning, stunning how creative is your husband. Lucky you, lucky girls."

This person thought: “Insanely amazing beautiful."

While another added: “Awesome you didn't a wise thing and turned [it] into something beautiful."

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