Savvy woman shows off whopping food haul she bagged for just £3.50 thanks to app hack

THE food app Too Good To Go connects hungry Brits with food chains and supermarkets with leftover food that would otherwise be thrown away, in a bid to curb food waste.

Every day, huge amounts of food is thrown way as supermarkets get rid of food that’s about to go off.

With Too Good To Go, shoppers can buy food at a discounted price, making sweet savings.

You pay through the app and get given a slot before closing time to go and pick it up.

TikTok user ‘georgiakain’ shared her Too Good To Go bargain food haul she bagged for just £3.50 from her local supermarket.

She explained: “You’re not gunna believe this. I’ve just done another Too Good To Go order and got all this! What the hell!”

“I am literally shocked.

“I got 4 pepperoni pizzas, 5 Lucozade Revives, 5 cans of baked beans, a croissant, some salad, some onions, some cauliflower, actually loads of cauliflower. A fruit pot, three packs of rich tea biscuits, all for £3.50.


“I feel like I’m going to have to make bang bang cauliflower or something.

“This is literally crazy.

“All of that was from my local corner shop and was probably my best ever too good to go order.

“I think I just got lucky. They literally gave me the whole shop.”

The woman admitted she could hardly carry the bags – they were that heavy.

She ordered at 8:30pm the day before to pick it up the next evening and although the food goes out of date that day, she said that the vegetables last a few days after and a lot of it can be frozen like the pizzas.

Clearly her haul impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 2,500 likes, almost 300 shares and over 120 comments.

One person said: “That’s an amazing order!!”

Another added: “Wow, impressive.”

However, many commented that unfortunately they are not as successful and don’t often get hauls as good as this.

One user commented: “Wow! So good! We never have anything like that near me.”

Another said: “Never anything on there when I look!!”

A third added: “We never gave anything near me.”

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