Stomach-churning amount of wax & dirt lurking in your iPhone will have you heaving & it’s headphones which are VERY grim

SOMETIMES it feels like our smartphone is an extension of our hand – but despite this, we definitely don't clean it as much as we should.

But while we'll eventually get round to giving the screen a wipe down, one Irish technology repair shop has made a whole TikTok account based around deep-cleaning iPhones.

And we're warning you now, you might just spend the rest of the day frantically cleaning your devices after watching these clips.

Earlier this year, the account PhoneFixCraft shared a video where they cleaned out a customer's phone charger port… otherwise known as "the belly button of your iPhone". *shivers*

In the stomach-churning clip, the experts zoomed in on the port – which was full of dirt, dead skin and clothes fibres.

Using a thin metal scraper, the TikTok user – who has amassed 1.2m followers -gently coaxed the dirt out of the port and then used a hairdryer to blow the rest away.

But if you thought that was grim, just wait until you see the Airpod cleaning clip.

The video begins with the experts zooming in very closely on the headphones so everyone can see the build-up of ear wax and hair lingering around the edges.

To start, they pour a drop of isopropyl alcohol onto the headphone to soften the wax and then use a blunt toothpick to dislodge it.

After this, they use a small brush to remove the rest of the wax and just like that, it looks as good as new.

One horrified user replied: "I REFUSE to share earbuds for this reason."

Another added: "Lord have mercy, I'm about to cry."

A third wrote: "That's… ear wax? This is too much for my eyes."

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