Super-organised mum shows off her flawless six lunchboxes she prepares for her kids each week and not one is the same

A SUPER organised mum has shared the six different lunchboxes she makes every day of the week – and not one of them is the same.

Taking to the Facebook group Lunchbox Mums, the anonymous woman shared snaps of the flawless packed lunches.

Captioning her post she wrote: “Happy Wednesday All Gorgeousmama🤗🥳🥳❤️❤️😘

“Just a very Simple wrap with Ham N Chicken(shredded)🥰🥰Halfway to the weekend!! Enjoy your day. (sic)”

Her three-year-old had been given a variety of small bite-size snacks, including rice crispy cake and fruit.

And while everyone else had been given the “simple” ham and chicken wrap, each lunchbox had been customised for every child.

Her eight-year-old had just one wrap with a side of several sweet treats, while her 13-year-old has an extra wrap as well as a sandwich.

The mum’s 16 and 17-year-olds had a similar serving of three wraps and a mixture of fruit and cake.

Meanwhile “Mr Old Boy” who is thought to be the woman’s husband, has the biggest helping of three wraps, fruit and cake.

Fellow mums were seriously impressed at her efforts, with many joking they wanted her to “adopt” them.

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