The animal you spot first in the mind-bending illusion reveals if you’re a secret pessimist or master procrastinator | The Sun

THERE are many different types of optical illusions, some are more like brain-teasers and promise to give your mind a good workout, others can reveal hidden aspects of your personality.

The clever illusion can tell if you're a secret pessimist or a master procrastinator – but all depends on which image you spit first.

The illustration, created byTim O’Brien, was shared TikTok by @mis_yilin and it's left viewers scratching their heads.

Some people see a fluffy rabbit first and others can only see a fuzzy duck – so which did you see?

According to Mia, both images reveal very different things about who you are as a person.

She explained: "If you first saw the duck then you are someone who seems very optimistic on the outside, but you're actually more of a pessimist."


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You could even have pretty unstable emotions and flip-flop between being incredibly happy and sad.

"You're usually a very forgiving and understand person, but if someone violates your hard boundaries then you'll be extremely upset with them," Mia added.

On the other hand, if you first saw the rabbit you probably struggle with procrastination.

"If you don't feel passionate about something it's very difficult for you to do it," Mia explained.

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Not only that, but you sometimes find it hard to do things you do find exciting and don't "take action until the very last minute."

Mia continued: "You're very good a masking your emotions and even when you're having a complete mental breakdown on the inside you can seem completely fine on the surface."

So which did you see first?

Other viewers were impressed by how accurate the illusion revealed their hidden traits.

One commented: "The rabbit part was extremely accurate."

"She ate me up with that rabbit description," a second agreed.

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