This Super Flattering Summer Dress Gives You Yacht Vibes at Target Prices

May I please bring your attention to the style here to replace comfy chic: yacht casual. It's the newest trend (that I've completely made up) and describes outfits that seem most appropriately worn aboard a giant boat. Even if your summer isn't shaping up to be just like Olivia Wilde's loved-up cruises or Bella Hadid's Cannes sailing excursions, Target shoppers have found the perfect dress to help you pretend you're living the same life. 

For a no-pants summer, Target's knit bodycon polo dresses are the only things you'll want to be throwing on. It's made of cotton (and a tiny bit of spandex) so that it's breathable but fits like a glove. Polish it off with some white sneakers and a micro bag and you're basically set for the entire season.

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The breezy dresses personally remind me of the ones I used to wear nonstop throughout my early-2000s childhood and pose the question of why I ever strayed away from the ease and effortlessness of a good stretchy polo dress. It looks just like the iconic tennis dresses that you can find in any good aughts movie. 

"This dress looks straight out of Mean Girls!" one reviewer noted, adding that they're "a sucker for a good-fitted dress for these summer months, and this dress is so perfect for that." 

Even if comfort is a top priority for you, you'll be pleased to hear the sleeveless silhouette doesn't falter in terms of style either. "This is genuinely the most flattering item of clothing I own," wrote another shopper. "I look so good and I feel so confident. If you are on the fence about getting this dress, this is your sign. BUY IT!" This dress also won the superlative "the 'fit that didn't quit" from another fan.

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All four colors the dress comes in are primed for summer festivities (think: periwinkle blue, stripes, and coral). Reviewers noted, too, that it looks great on a range of body types, whether you have curves (or a lack thereof), a pregnant belly, or are really short or really tall. "The material snatches you in and it's just such a cute and unique dress," explained a buyer.

Even if yacht parties and summers in the south of France are something you do in your dreams, you're only one dress away from fulfilling that vibe. 

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