Thrifty mum impresses shoppers with her HUGE Morrisons haul she picked up for just £3.44

A THRIFTY mum has revealed the HUGE haul she managed to get from Morrisons to feed her five kids – all for an impressive £3.44. 

Danielle Alana De Sousa said she’s learned to pop into the supermarket around 7pm, as this is when they do “their final reduction.”

The savvy mum shared a photo of her whopping shopping trip, with many products being discounted with yellow stickers. 

Danielle had managed to get a whole chicken, beef brisket, donuts, yoghurt, an Indian takeaway and more – all for under a fiver. 

She wrote on Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas: “Like a lot of people I love bargains. 

“I never shop at morrisons at normal times as I think it's quite expensive, but I like to go to 1 in particular morrisons at about 7pm and buy their reduced food that they do a final reduction on at that time.

“Today I picked up this lot for an amazing £3.44. I have 5 kids to feed on a low budget.”

Many people were highly impressed with her spree, and her post has racked up over 6,500 likes. 

One person praised: “Wow that is amazing! Now that's what you call proper shopping.”

Another added: “Well done for grabbing all those bargains. I know from past experience how good that feels when you have kids to feed and no money to give them a treat.”

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