Tiger weekly horoscope: What your Chinese zodiac sign means for you December 13 – 19

December 13, 2020 – December 19, 2020

TIGERS will experience some frustration at the start of the week due to many things happening to them at once. What else will this week have in store for them?

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It’s just another manic Monday for the Tigers! They have so many activities going on at the start of their week that they will be left scrambling for some breathing room at the end of the day. Tigers are hard working and are always wanting to take on more than they can handle, which can backfire tremendously. 

After all the busy-ness that the start of the week has, midweek, Tigers will feel exhausted and a bit vulnerable. They are advised to try and keep a positive attitude despite feeling burned out. Getting upset will only distract them from their goals. 

The weekend may be a great time to participate in a community event or a holiday volunteer opportunity. Tigers, make sure that if you volunteer your time for a good cause that you are fully immersed in the experience. If you feel that you are too tired to stay a full day, do as much as you can and go back home to relax. You don’t want to overwork yourself on your days off either, otherwise you will start the week feeling stressed out.


The vulnerability you have been feeling midweek is not just in terms of overworking yourself, Tigers. The holidays can be a sad time for many people and some feel lonelier than ever. If your loneliness starts to get the best of you, speak about it to a close pal and open your heart. There is nothing wrong with feeling down, especially this time of the year. 

You may feel a strong psychic link with someone you have recently met. Trust your feelings but don’t vocalize them too soon, let things play out as they are. 

Despite the romantic connection, the person you are eyeing could be hiding parts of themselves to appease you. Beware of their hidden agenda and unrealistic expectations. If it looks too good to be true, chances are it is. 


After the exhausting week you had, take time to think about your new year’s plans in terms of your workload and how you are handling it. 

Tigers, you are great leaders with a fearless attitude and that can sometimes get you in trouble. It’s okay to step back and not let your workload consume you. Learn how to draw your boundaries and compartmentalize assignments. Doing less is sometimes more!

Set up a 2021 plan on how you want to divide your time and work and stick to it! You are a diligent leader and a competitive force in your career! Recognize that!

Types of Tigers

Wood Tiger: Compassionate, expansive, and open to anything. 

Fire Tiger: Optimistic, independent, can have poor self-control.

Earth Tiger: Adventurous, realistic, has a strong sense of faith, grounded.

Metal Tiger: Enthusiastic, indecisive, stubborn, and critical.

Water Tiger: Has a strong sense of self-esteem, quick learner, kind, confident. 

Spotlight Numerology

Aries Wood Tiger 1974: The Aries Wood Tiger has a life path number 4. 

Life path number 4 is the number of accomplishments through hard work.

These Tigers have a great attention to detail, and are tenacious with a strong belief of themselves.

They are organized and keep their lives in absolute order to prevent chaos.

Weekly Mantra

If I can change my thoughts, I can change anything.”

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