‘Trashy’ mum posts pictures of two blokes and asks people to guess who her baby’s dad is while she waits for DNA results

A MUM has been branded ‘trashy’ after she asked her Facebook friends to guess who her baby’s dad is.

Taking to Facebook the new mum shared photographs of the two potential fathers accompanied by snaps of her daughter.

Captioning the snap, she wrote: “OK I posted months back about how I slept with Guy B on January 16th and Guy A January 19 and every other day up until around February 14th.

“I’m getting a DNA as soon as I can afford it. But Doctor said baby was conceived January 27th.”

Despite doctors clearly believing that “Guy A” was more likely to be the child’s father, the mum still wanted a second opinion.

“Who do you think she looks like?” she added.

The post has since been shared on Reddit where it prompted outrage among users.

Commenting, one wrote: “Poor kid.”

“Asking people who their kid looks like is kinda s***y” agreed another, while a third wrote, “This is trashy.”

The post was shared on the subreddit r/Trashy.

The group has over 2.3 million members and is described as a place for "trashy stories, trashy glamour, all things fake, plastic and downright trashy."

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