Twin sisters, 32, who wed identical brothers, 34, and now live together plan to fall pregnant at the same time and raise their kids together as ‘one big happy family’

A PAIR of identical twin sisters who incredibly married ANOTHER pair of twins have revealed their ambitious plan to live even closer as "one big happy family".

Brittany and Briana Deane, 32, currently live together under one roof and revealed they want to have "synchronised" pregnancies.

Chatting to hosts Sonia Kruger and David Campbell on Australia's Today show, the sisters from Virginia, US, appeared with their 34-year-old husbands, Josh and Jeremy Salyers, whom they wed in a double ceremony.

"I think there's just something we would love to experience together," explained Brittany of their pregnancy plan.

"We have experienced most milestones of our lives together – birthdays, getting your driver's licence, graduations and our double wedding.

"This would be the next huge event, and we'd love to experience it together and ideally we will."

Josh added: "If we're all going to live under the same roof, then naturally we're going to help each other raise our one big happy family that we have – it's going to be great."

When asked how they would feel if one sister found out she was expecting triplets, Briana explained they would be happy either way.

"We'll be so happy and excited for what happens," she said.

"Ideally we have a way that we'd hope it would go but we'll be happy with what comes our way."

And as all women will know, timing a pregnancy isn't as straightforward as it might sound, with Briana explaining "the timing will have to be really good".

The couples met at a twins festival in 2017 before getting married last August wearing identical wedding dresses in a "Twice Upon a Time" themed ceremony.

Prior to meeting, the brothers made a vow to only marry another set of twins.

Explaining they were "lucky" to have found Brittany and Briana, Jeremy explained: "Me and Josh always knew we had to find our twins if we were going to get married – and we told each other that we'll never be able to unless we find a set of twins that we could fall in love with and marry.

"We got lucky enough to find them, we couldn't be happier."

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