Wedding planner reveals what brides always FORGET to do during ceremony & it makes all the difference to your photos

WHEN you're tying the knot, there's so much going through your head, it can be easy to forget even the littlest of things.

But one wedding planner is urging brides not to forget one crucial rule when it comes to holding their bouquet on their big day.

TikTok user @gritandgraceeventsco, known as the Californian Wedding Planner, is known for sharing her tips and tricks when it comes to planning the perfect wedding and ensuring it all runs smoothly.

In a new video, she's revealed the one thing brides always forget to do during their ceremony and insists that if you get it right, it will make all the difference to your wedding photos.

What is it, you ask? Brides should always hold their wedding bouquet at their belly button.

She reveals: "I honestly see so many brides forget to do this during their ceremony and it always makes me cringe a little bit, because it's 100 per cent avoidable.

"Don't forget to hold your bouquet at your belly button (or a little bit lower) as you walk down the aisle… that's it."

Doing so "just looks better" in the wedding planner's opinion and it also means detailing on the bride's dress around the bodice isn't hidden from view.


Hundreds of people commented on the video, that has since been watched over 860k times online, with many photographers agreeing that the positioning of the bridal bouquet is so important.

"YEESSSS!!! Bride party always thinks I'm crazy… UNTIL they see the pictures," commented one photographer.

Another said: "YESSSSSSSS! Drives me nuts!!! I say this all the time and then all the pics come back of the bride and the bridesmaids and it's too high!!!"

A third person joked: "The photographer for my friend's wedding I was a bridesmaid [for] said 'the lady flowers go over your lady garden'."

One bride, meanwhile, confessed that the all-important rule had slipped her mind during her nuptials.

She admitted: "My photographer reminded me so many times but once those doors opened I forgot every little thing except getting to that altar."

Another shared: "I saw this before my wedding and I remembered to do it and asked my maids to do it as well, big difference!"

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