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HOME improvements usually take a lot of time, money and effort which inevitably ends up putting people off even starting the project.

However, it doesn't have to be – there are so many fab cheap and easy ways to make your house feel more expensive without actually crazy effort or spending that much.

Whether you want a colour refresh, you're fed up with your furniture or just don't know what to do then here are five tips and tricks to get you started.

You can handle it!

Swapping handles on cupboards and drawers is a really fun and cheap way to update boring old furniture.

It can instantly create a more luxurious feel to existing items without completely replacing them. 

Toni Trevillion, author of DIY On A Budget, is a big fan of replacing cupboard handles revealing to Fabulous that “you can go from modern to traditional or vice-versa.

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“Use colours that contrast with the units, or make them all different for a truly original look”. 

Easy embellishments 

As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail and that is very true in terms of home improvements.

You can easily make items you already own, or have lying around the house, look completely brand new just by changing simple details.

Just replacing the material of your cushion covers can have a transformative effect on the look and feel of a room and is a pretty low-cost way to do it.

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You can also dye your own fabrics easily at home and Toni says that the best materials to try “DIY dyeing are chenille, velvet, wool, polyester and cotton”. 

Don't go overboard

Often people try and do too much in a re-decoration and end up creating a room that has cost crazy amounts for a look which hasn't really improved.

There's a lot to be said about minimalism and decluttering a room is definitely the easiest and most cost-effective way to make your home look more expensive.

It could even help earn you some money back as you can sell what you don't want or use anymore and use that money towards new home projects.

Don't forget about the lights

Lights are obviously a crucial part to any room, as without them you can't do anything.

But they are so much more important than that, playing a huge part in creating an expensive feel to a room.  

Designers from Instrument Furniture highlight this point saying, “Ceiling lights are practical but contribute little to nothing to creating a cosy atmosphere in the room.

“Switch them off and turn on the floor or table lamps instead”.

Floor and table lamps can also double as funky statement pieces in the room or elegant additions to the room.

LED lights are also a super effective and cheap way of creating a brand new mood in your room. 

They look brilliantly chic below kitchen cabinets and under counters as well as behind your TV.

Front doors matter

Don't underestimate the power of first impressions as one home expert exclaims.

The colour of your front door sets the tone for the rest of the house inside making it an important area of focus for

Gipsy Hill Hardware has revealed the top five shades to paint your front door this year.

Lavender takes the winning spot, terracotta a close second, sky blue in third, mellow yellow in fourth position and periwinkle blue in fifth place.

There's a reason why blue has made two appearances in the top five as according to research from Sell House Fast, blue is the paint colour that adds the most value to a house. 

The added value reported is apparently a whopping £4,000.

Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant, Lee Chambers, who assisted in the study said, “Colour is a powerful tool to communicate action, influence choice and even change people’s mood.

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“The colour of your front door can influence a buyer’s initial perception”. 

So if you’re looking to sell, or just help improve your love of the house and mood through colour, it seems like painting your front door is an easy and low-cost way to do that. 

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