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NOW there's nothing wrong with missionary, the intimate position is a great way to connect to your partner. 

But “The Hook” is a fabulous way to reinvent an old classic with a raunchy twist. 

What is the hook sex position?

In this position, the man is on top with the woman lying on her back.

The “hook” part comes into play with the woman hooking her legs up and over his shoulders – typically with the ankles just resting on the shoulders.

The man leans over the woman, supporting his weight in his hands, and opening his thighs slightly to straddle her.

Does the hook sex position work?

The hook is one sex position that gets the job done.

This position allows for deep penetration and it can be adapted for maximum pleasure.

It can be used for either vaginal or anal penetration.

The position is also very intimate as it encourages close eye contact between the couple.

Does it make men feel bigger?

Couples are going wild with for this position saying that it makes the man feel “fuller” and “bigger” inside you.

This is because the logistics of the position mean the woman can hold his thighs or waist to guide him in and get maximum penetration and increased chance of an orgasm.

For extra pleasure in this position try crossing your ankles (in this case, behind his neck) as this helps tighten the vaginal canal.

This isn’t the only twist on an old favourite that is setting pulses racing recently.

Couples are going wild for “the 68”, which is a new variant on the pleasurable classic.

While the acrobatic 69 involves both partners simultaneously getting pleasure, the 68 focuses on giving one person the time of their life.

It works by one partner lying on their back, with their knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

Then the other person lies on top of their chest, positioning themselves so their genitals are resting near the partner underneath's mouth.

The “giver” is able to have full access to everything they wish to explore, while the “receiver” lies back and enjoys the sensations.

And perfect for women, when you are on top, the guy’s hands are free to roam where he wishes and you can also touch yourself to take things to the next level. Let the pleasure begin!

What are some other forms of the missionary sex position?

There are a number of variations the missionary sex position, and while some may require a tad bit more flexibility and stamina than the traditional method, there are some that actually require less.

Assisted missionary

Assisted missionary is basically your classic missionary, but the person on the bottom uses pillows to raise their pelvis higher.

As Babeland's Clare Cavanah and Rachel Venning explain to Refinery29: "Put a pillow or two under your butt or under your lower back.

This will tilt your pelvis up to better match the natural angle of the penis or dildo."

This is the perfect variation for anyone who suffers from back pain, or any other aching muscles.


This is a pretty simple variation to missionary where all the bottom partner needs to do is wrap their legs around their partner’s waist.

This can allow for deeper penetration and maximum pleasure.

The leg glider

The leg glider is a great position for plus-size women.

To get into this position the woman lies on her left side with her left leg, left side, and left arm all on the bed. Her right leg will be resting on top of her left leg and her right arm will be resting on her body. 

She'll then raise her life leg as high as she wants and can either bend her leg or lean it against her partner if needed.

He will then enter while in a seated position.

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