Woman issues warning to research your tattoo artist after suffering a brutal allergic reaction that's left her all red | The Sun

A WOMAN has urged people to be more careful when it comes to inking their skin, after suffering a severe allergic reaction.

Tattoos are permanent, so when it comes to getting one, researching the artist is key – and unfortunately, TikTok user Lea Pereiro (@leapereiro) learnt it the hard way.

Now, revealing the tragic aftermath, the woman has taken to TikTok to issue a stark warning to fellow beauty lovers.

''This is ur [your] sign to be careful who you pick as ur tattoo artist,'' the young ink fan wrote in the video.

But although the final result – a fine line inking of a woman and flowers – didn't appear to be too bad, it was the condition of her skin that shocked everyone.

Almost everywhere where the ink and the tattoo gun had touched were bright red patches, indicating she was suffering from an allergy.

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Despite many wondering why she hadn't mentioned anything during the process, Lea said the delicate inking was placed on her back – which means she couldn't see.

Seeing the horrific reaction, social media users flocked to comments, where a few said she was the one to blame.

''It’s crazy to me that people don’t do their RESEARCH before getting a body modification that can get severely infected and cause a lot of problems!'' a critic hit back.

Someone else penned: ''Quality of tattoo isn’t bad, skin could have rejected the chemicals in the ink or the metal in the needle.''

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''Why’s it spicy. that looks so painful,'' a person was moritifed.

''And that’s why o go to the same place for my tattoos every time!'' a fourth ink lover noted.

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''They’ve been doing it for YEARS and are extremely experienced and more.''

Sadly, the young woman is not the only one to have suffered a brutal reaction – for AJ Bei Fong, things got even worse.

The beauty fan, who insisted this is not her first inking, was left with dozens of tiny bumps on her hand after suffering an allergic reaction to red ink.

''It's banned in certain countries for reasons,'' she wrote in the video.

Warning others to be careful when getting tattoos, AJ Bei added that fortunately, it was not infected.

Although as of now, red ink is legal in the UK, many countries across the EU have banned coloured ink due to harmful chemicals found in them.

The European Chemicals Agency reported that it was “well known that tattoo inks can and do contain substances of concern such as identified carcinogens and skin sensitisers”.

But no direct link has been made between tattoos and the development of cancer.

Mark Blainey, from the ECHA, said: “The composition of some tattoo inks and permanent makeup raises concerns for public health.

“The most severe concerns are allergies caused by the substances in the inks and the fact that some of the substances might cause cancer, change DNA or be harmful to human reproduction.”

The ECHA’s report found a particular link between red ink and dermatitis, due to the product’s high content of mercury sulphide.

Red, blue, green and purple inks were said to be more likely to cause small ridges in the skin called granulomas.

Medical journal BMJ Case Reports warned in June that people with weakened immune systems are at particular risk from tattoos.

The report suggested these patients, including organ donors, should be warned of the dangers.

Seeing the horrific state of AJ Bei's hand, people exclaimed in horror, with one writing: ''my trypophobia.''

Someone else penned: ''oooof that's gonna be a fun scar.''

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Another shared their story: ''This happened to me! I have a ton of ink but the tiny wrist tattoo in brown rejected. Same artist, same ink.''

''I know the feeling! Happened on my wrist tattoo like this & on my back tat lines raised so bad it looked like a 3D tattoo,'' a fellow ink fan chuckled.

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