Woman ridiculed for wearing white lace dress to her son’s wedding – but trolls spot an even bigger unforgivable faux pas | The Sun

THERE are certain unspoken rules when it comes to weddings, and most people follow them without fault.

But when one woman showed up to her step son's wedding people were floored by her outfit of choice, with some saying it's totally unforgivable.

In a picture shared on Facebook by another wedding guest, the bride and groom can be seen posing with the step mum, alongside a man who may be the groom's dad, and two other guests.

But the step mum stands out out for all the wrong reasons, most importantly, the fact she's wearing a white lace dress.

Even if it's not explicitly stated, most people avoid wearing white to weddings, unless, of course, you're the bride.

The social media post reads: "Shaming my friends step mother in law for wearing a WHITE LACE DRESS to her wedding.



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"She’s the worst person and the bride was so gracious to include her anyway and then she pulls this?! If this lady is your friend, come getchya [sic] girl."

But the mini dress with a plunging neckline and lace detailing wasn't the only problem with the woman's outfit.

Despite the wedding seemingly having a typical dress code of cocktail dresses and suits, the step mum decided to keep things a bit more, paring the already controversial dress with leggings and cowboy boots.

The black leggings were the icing on the cake for some people, who couldn't believe the step mum would wear the outfit.

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Meanwhile, the man next to her in the picture is also wearing a very casual look – blue jeans, a black shirt and brown shoes.

After the snap was shared online other people were equally as baffled by the couple's clobber.

One said: "Did stepmom in law and the man next to her think the wedding was hotdog eating contest themed or something? Because that’s how they’re dressed."

A second agreed: "People on the left look amazing, people on the right (guessing dad and step mom) do not look dressed for the occasion."

"Gross. Also shaming the jeans, cowboy boots, and leggings. Judging from the other couple, this isn't a casual wedding. Which, if that's your vibe, fine.

"But the mixed cocktail dresses, suits, and jeans is messing with me," a third commented on the post.

And another slammed: "Can we talk about brown cowboy boots with black leggings and a white lace top? Did she get dressed in the dark?"

The step mum isn't the only person causing a stir online thanks to their wedding outfits.

Another woman is being called "so rude" because she wore her old wedding gown to her sister's wedding.

Anastasia tied the knot back in 2022, and when her twin Francesca's big day came she decided to give her own wedding gown another outing, leaving people baffled.

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"I can’t believe you are going to wear your wedding dress to your sister's wedding. That is sick," one person slammed.

"Is the bride not supposed to be the only one in a wedding dress?" someone else commented.

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