Woman shares clever tricks to instantly get rid of nausea including humming – and they get a doctor’s approval

A WOMAN claims to have found some clever hacks for “getting rid” of the feeling of nausea.

TikTok user @onlyjayus demonstrated a number of tricks she uses to solve the issue – and a doctor has approved her methods.

Firstly, she said that rubbing alcohol onto some kitchen roll, and then inhaling the strong smell can help.

Next, she showed how humming can prevent you feeling like you are going to be sick.

Isabella’s third hack involved clearing her sinuses by holding your tongue to the roof of your mouth and pressing your thumb to your forehead for 20 seconds.

The TikTok video has clearly struck a chord with online users, and has been watched over 50million times. 

One doctor even watched her video and decided to review her hacks to let viewers know if they actually helped. 

Dr Karan Raj, who works for the NHS, gave a thumbs up to the hacks and verified they can work.

He said: "Rubbing alcohol contains isopropyl ethanol which relieves nausea.

"Inhale, but don't consume."

Dr Raj said the humming trick can help as humming "suppresses gag reflex."

Sun doctor Carol Cooper confirmed the woman's hacks can help, and said: "Yes, these tricks can all work for nausea."

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