Woman shares glow-up & confesses she TAPES her face to remove her jowls – but people can’t believe it’s the same person

INFLUENCER Chloe Fountain has gone viral again, this time for her incredible make-up transformation.

Chloe, who is believed to live in the US, went viral earlier this year when builders supposedly came to the wrong house and did Chloe's entire backyard before realising they were at the wrong place.

Chloe has now gone viral for her incredible make-up transformation, so good in fact, that the majority of people don't believe it is the same person.

One of her videos showing her transformation has been viewed over one million times on her TikTok account, chloefountainn.

She wrote in the video "the power of make-up' and captioned the video; "How mad would you be?"

In the video Chloe begins with her bare face, she looks considerably older than she does in any of her other videos.

She then 'reveals' herself in full glam makeup and she looks an entirely different person.

Chloe has said she is able to transform her face so drastically with the use of makeup and face tape to pull away any excess skin.

Chloe has been inundated with comments asking her to prove it is her by doing her make-up routine on camera.

Chloe is yet to post a video demonstrating her technique but has said she will share her secrets if her account reaches one million followers.

In another video, which has almost been viewed one million times, Chloe wrote: "YES. We are the same person how many times do I have to say this?" After users flooded the comment section saying they didn't think it was the same person.

One user asked: "How did you get rid of the jowls?" Chloe responded: "tape."

Other users were harder to convince and many users commented saying it was a mum and daughter doing the videos, one commented: "That's your mum", another said; "mother and daughter?"

A third user commented: "No, I don't believe that sorry."

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