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A WOMAN has caused controversy after showing off her incredibly eye-catching work outfits, including barely-there miniskirts.

Sophie regularly shares pictures and videos of herself in the ensembles she wears to work on her social media pages.

In a recent clip, she raised eyebrows with the outfit she donned for her "first ever day at work".

And while lots of people may err on the modest side when it comes to meeting new colleague for the first time, that wasn't the case for Sophie's ensemble.

"What I'm wearing to my first ever day at work," Sophie wrote over her TikTok video, which showed her fit of the day.

For the occasion, she donned a teeny black miniskirt, with a black sleeves top and a pair of sky-high heels.

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The outfit drew attention to her slim figure and toned legs, but many insisted it wasn't appropriate for workwear.

"Lol but fr girl don’t wear this to work," one wrote.

"NO. Are you going clubbing?!" another added.

As a third commented: "Too much for your first job.

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"Best to dress down, be amazing at your job and then turn up to one of their events/parties looking that good."

"You look gorgeous but for your first day I’d recommend wearing something a bit more conservative," someone else commented.

"It allows you time to check the culture allows it."

However, others hit back, with one writing: "The comments are all Middle Aged woman who don’t want you to steal their 'CEO' , 'Work Crush' or 'husband'.

"You look amazing."

Responding to the backlash, Sophie wrote: "Guys it’s not an office job, don’t worry!

"And no one had a problem with this outfit."

In another video, Sophie shared her outfit for that work day, as she explained that the dress code is "all black".

She'd paired what looked like the same miniskirt, with a black top and cropped cardigan, with heels.

"Not suitable for work," one person commented on that video.

As another raged: "Not appropriate!"

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"She’s looking for a promotion," a third commented.

While someone else said: "I wish you worked in my office!"

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