Women rave about £14 coffee scrub they claim banishes stretch marks

STRETCH marks are a pesky reality for many women, especially those who have lost or gained weight, or gone through a pregnancy.

And while they are extremely common, they can be tricky to get rid of – despite there being no shortage of products promising to get rid of them in return for our hard-earned cash.

But one cream is making a big splash in the market thanks to thousands of glowing reviews by happy customers, who have tried and tested it to see it's amazing results.

Not only does it combat the appearance of stretch marks, Franks Body's Original Coffee Scrub can also help reduce painful acne and scars.

Describing it as 'gold' and 'pure magic', customers said the £12.95 scrub left them with clearer skin, thanks to the coffee component that boosts the production of collagen and stimulates blood flow.

Other ingredients include sweet almond oil to hydrate the skin, sea salt to combat breakouts and vitamin E to protect it from the elements.

  • Original Coffee Scrub, Frank Body, £12.95 – buy now

The Coffee Scrub has an almost-perfect 4.9 stars out of five on the Frank Body website, where over 1000 women have taken to the comment section to share love for the product.

"I love this scrub," one woman wrote. "My skin has never looked so radiant or felt as smooth and soft as it does after using this."

A happy customer agreed: "Seriously amazing stuff! Helps clear up all the little red spots, cellulite and stretch marks…. I can’t live without this ever again!"

"Having dry and sensitive skin I always have to be careful with scrubs but this stuff is amazing," another added. "Not only is it gentle enough but it makes my skin so smooth and smells amazing."


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