You can buy McDonald’s car sauce holders so you can dip your chips with ease & people say it's the ‘best purchase ever’

EATING McDonald’s in your car can be tricky, as you try and balance your drink, chips and nuggets on your lap – and that’s not even mentioning the sauces. 

Whether you’re a ketchup fan or a BBQ lover, your happy meal needs an accompaniment, but sometimes you don’t have enough hands – or space – to properly dip your fries. 

But fast food lovers are in shock after discovering you can buy bespoke sauce holders for your car, with enough space for two dips. 

A McDonald’s fan shared a clip of themselves installing the holder in their car, and finally being able to dunk their nuggets and fries in the delicious dip with ease.

The TikTok clip has racked up hundreds of thousands of views, as they raved: “Best purchase ever.” 

You can pick up a double dip yourself from Amazon, for just £5.99 – and it comes with free delivery.

Raving about the sauce hack online, one person said: “Some people are living in the year 2090.” 

Someone else wrote: “This is a wise investment.”

A third commented: “A need not a want.”

Is it illegal to eat and drive?

The AA said: "No, there's no specific law against eating while driving.

"You're not going to be immediately pulled over if you’re seen taking a bite out of your breakfast on the way to work – unless that bite stops you paying attention to the task at hand."

  • Twin In Car Sauce Holder, Amazon, £6.99 – buy now

While this person added: “Looks like I’ll have to get these for our maccies trips.”

Somebody else thought: "Hey you might want to get this."

And another raved: “Fabulous invention.”

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