You can now buy a Primark T-shirt air freshener for when you’re missing the store’s smell & it’s only £2.49

THERE are 23 days left until Primark reopens their UK stores again – and we're personally counting down the hours until we can pop in for socks and walk out with half the shop.

In the meantime, Custom Freshener Co has got us covered with this mini Primark air freshener which they claim smells just like the stores.

  • Primark Air Freshener, £2.49 – buy now

The purse-friendly product is being sold on the website I Miss Primark and is ideal for popping in your car or dotting around your home.

The air freshener is shaped like one of Primark's T-shirts and has the brand's blue logo printed across the front.

According to the product description, the freshener has a "cotton fresh fragrance" like the brand's clothes and smells like "freshly washed" laundry.

The brand claims the air freshener will last up to two weeks – which almost takes us to Primark's opening date on April 12.

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