You’ve been putting on plasters all wrong – here’s how they won’t fall off and will heal your wound quicker

WE should all have a first aid kit at home, just in case an accident happens.

But do you know the best way to use everything inside?

In a TikTok video shared by @lifehacksa, which has 1.1million views, they show how to make a plaster fit your finger so that it protects your injury for much longer.

Before you apply the plaster, grab some scissors to cut a vertical line down the middle of both ends of the plaster.

Remove the protective plastic backing to expose the sticky part of the bandage.


Put your finger on the sticky bit with the plaster laying down horizontally.

Now the tricky bit, fold down the newly cut flaps in a criss-cross motion to secure the plaster around your entire finger.

This method will keep even the cheapest plaster on your finger securely, keeping your cut covered and allowing you to heal without having to worry about changing your plaster every few minutes.

This new health hack may even save you money on plasters as you will use fewer than before.

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Commenters loved the handy hack, saying: "The band aid tho!" and "Band-aid one is good."

Others called the trick 'genius' and said: "Aw that bandaid is so cute," as well as "love the band aid idea!"

Despite six different hacks being shown in the 34 second video, one definitely stood out as a commenter wrote: "The plaster one though."

One commenter had an unusual substitute for a plaster, saying: "I’m a man I use tape and or glue for a band aid or anything close by."

A big life hacks fan admitted: "I already knew the bandaid thing but the other things are cool."

Time was of the essence for another who said: "Hold up. Had to watch the band-aid hack immediately."

As the Tiktok showed multiple handy tips, a few pointed out that: "The ONLY useful one I see is the bandaid one."

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