Yuhan Wang RTW Fall 2021

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London-based Chinese fashion designer Yuhan Wang’s fall collection is a series of beautiful portrayals of womanhood, togetherness and inner strength.

The look: Updated Regency-era silhouette made with subtle Chinese references in mind and worn by a cast of diverse women of all ages and races.

Quote of note: “I have practiced traditional Chinese landscape painting for years. Ancient Chinese artists project their ambition, thoughts about time, space and eternality, and their inner imaginary landscape via symbolism onto the outer world. Women rarely had a say in all this, but I feel that through becoming mothers, we also play an important role in the circle of life. That’s why I want to express the beauty of inner motherhood and sisterhood with the fall collection.”

Yuhan Wang RTW Fall 2021

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Standout pieces: Tailoring pieces and outerwear made with hand-drawn Sika deers, rose, and pine tree patterns. Ruched lace dresses applied with an extra layer of felt to keep warm.

The takeaway: “Bridgerton” should hire Wang to design the costumes. Her unique blend of modernity and femininity deserves a bigger audience.

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