10 Highest Grossing Hugh Grant Movies

Born in London, England, Hugh Grant realized his talent for acting while studying English Literature at the University of Oxford. He knocked it out of the park with his first professional film called Maurice in 1987, which earned him the Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival. While his performance was highly appreciated, the 1994 romantic comedy Four Weddings And A Funeral brought him under the spotlight. Grant has been known to play the charming lead man who gets the girl and sometimes a scheming supporting actor throughout his career. He has won several accolades, including a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for his award-worthy portrayal in movies.

After working in the film industry for more than thirty years, Grant has shifted focus by starring in television shows and miniseries, unlike his stereotypical character. As his career adds new acting jobs to its portfolio, let’s look at the high-grossing Hugh Grant movies.

10 Sense And Sensibility (1995)

Sense And Sensibility was adapted from the Jane Austen novel of the same name. Grant played the character of Edward Ferrars and starred with Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, and Alan Rickman. The movie made $135 million at the box office. According to IMDB, Grant had reduced his salary due to the film’s small budget from his usual $5 million.

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9 Nine Months (1995)

Hugh Grant played a charming psychologist in a committed relationship whose girlfriend, played by Julianne Moore, gets pregnant. While the plot was predictable, there is nothing better than happy endings in a rom-com. The movie made $139 million at the box office, and Grant earned close to $5-$7 million for his role.

8 Music And Lyrics (2007)

Hugh Grant acts in Music And Lyrics, but he also plays a pop singer who wants to make a comeback with successful collaboration. Starring alongside Drew Barrymore, the movie’s fuzzy and warm plot was well received in the theatres and made $145.8 million worldwide, as noted by Box Office Mojo, and the actor was paid $10 million for his role.

7 Two Weeks Notice (2002)

A light-hearted romantic comedy about two people trying to figure things out after Sandra Bullock’s character handed in her two weeks notice. The movie marked the highest salary earned by Grant, a whopping $12.5 million for his role, and the movie performed well at the box office, earning $199 million worldwide.

6 Paddington 2 (2017)

The live-action animated comedy Paddington 2 might seem like an unlikely choice for typecast roles done by Hugh Grant. However, he claimed that it was the best movie he had ever made. Based on the infamous Paddington bear, the movie saw Grant in a supporting role which earned him $5 million as a salary while the film made $227 million.

5 Four Weddings And A Funeral (1994)

The movie that put Grant on the map to fame, Four Weddings And A Funeral, earned $264 million at the box office. One of the primary reasons why the movie made so much was Grant’s enigmatic character named Charles. As mentioned by Wealthy Genius, the movie only had a budget of $2.5 million, and Grant was paid $100,000 for his breakthrough role.

4 Love Actually (2003)

The classic Christmas romantic comedy that stars every known British celebrity, Love Actually, has become an iconic movie for various scenes. Grant, who plays the Prime Minister, was a favorite for his rousing speech and dancing and falling down the stairs to Pointer Sisters’ Jump (For My Love). Grant earned $5 million for his role, while the movie made $247 million at the box office.

3 Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (2004)

Hugh Grant reprised his role as the scheming supporting actor for the sequel in the Bridget Jones series. Starring alongside Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth, Grant made $5 million for his small role. While the actor didn’t have a lot of screen time, his character was iconic in its own way. The movie made $263 million in theatres around the world.

2 Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

The movie that normalized crying to Celine Dion’s All By Myself, Bridget Jones’s Diary, will be forever iconic for its relatable dialogues, characters, and the hilarious fight scene. Bridget, played by Zellweger, is torn to choose between Firth and Grant as the movie progresses. The film was a blockbuster hit at the box office and made $277 million, as stated by The Numbers.

1 Notting Hill (1999)

A story for the ages, Notting Hill, was a romantic comedy that became a comfort film for everyone. Starring alongside Julia Roberts, the movie revolved around a small-time book shop owner and his life after meeting a Hollywood superstar The characters, settings, and dialogues resonated with the audience. The movie earned a whopping $364 million at the box office, making it Grant’s highest-grossing film ever. Grant made between $7 million and $10 million for his role as William Thacker.

Witty, humorous, and sensitive, Hugh Grant has played charming characters that were idealized by women in the UK and around the world. His movies are guaranteed box office hits, and the actor makes millions starring in supporting and lead roles. Grant will next be seen in a supporting role in Guy Ritchie’s Operation Fortune, set for a 2022 release.

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