10 Outfits From The O.C. That Are So Bad They're Good

Ever since Mischa Barton returned to our TV screens as a cast member of The Hills: New Beginnings, our minds can't stop flashing back to the actress's original breakout role: Marissa Cooper on The O.C. That show, much like Barton's current one, was full of must-watch (albeit, purely fictional) drama, from irresistible bad boys (hello, Ryan Atwood) to hard-partying teens to on-again, off-again relationships that made viewers want to scream (Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts 4eva). It also included its fair share of terrible early '00s fashion — most of which will likely make a comeback someday, whether we want it to or not.

So before someone like Kendall Jenner or Millie Bobby Brown tries to bring back low-rise jeans and polos with beaded necklaces, we decided to revisit some of The O.C.'s more memorable — and kind of cringe-worthy — looks. We have no doubt that these trends will bring back memories for fashion lovers who lived through this era. 

1. This Trendy Combo

Between the satin shirt paired with flairs, the colorful thong sandals, and the layers of beaded necklaces, this outfit is an instant flashback to 2005.

2. A Bedazzled Graphic Tee

Uh, Ed Hardy, anyone? The best way to wear this '00s staple was with your favorite pendant necklace and a red solo cup.

3. The Must-Have Polo

The only thing better than showing up to school in a cute, colorful Lacoste polo? Showing up to school in two cute, colorful Lacoste polos, which were layered together to create the world's most confusing fashion trend.

4. “Going Out” Looks

Here, The O.C. presented us with two great options: the lingerie-like top and a pair of jeans, or a graphic tank, a denim skirt, and some fishnets.

5. All Those Little Extras

Layering during this time was…interesting, to say the least. Cropped sweaters or shrugs were a major trend (and, sometimes, those shrugs had short sleeves, thus providing minimal warmth), and outfits weren't complete without the addition of a long, skinny scarf — especially if you were wearing a T-shirt or tank top.

6. Going Matchy-Matchy

It's one thing to coordinate your shirt with your pants. It's another entirely to make sure your earrings are the exact shade as your skirt. Plus, remember when everyone had Summer's sequinned belt in their closet?

7. A Pretty, Preppy Sweater

AKA the ultimate purchase from Abercrombie/Hollister/Aéropostale.

8. The Low-Rise Skirt

And let's not forget cowl-neck tops, just like Marissa is wearing. The pairing was the perfect party look!

9. T-Shirts With Cheeky Sayings

The cruder the better, much like Summer's "More trees, less bush" option.

10. All the Accessories

Literally, all of them. Why keep things simple when you can wear a jeweled headband, drop earrings, a necklace, and an embroidered purse?

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