11 Best Garden Hoses for 2022 | The Sun UK

KEEPING your lawn and plants well-watered is a lot quicker and easier with an efficient and good-quality garden hose.

From expendable hosepipes to automatic reels, sturdy wall-mounted models to nifty hose trolleys; there are tons of different types to choose from so we've rounded up some of the best garden hoses available to buy now.

What are the different types of garden hose?

There are many different types of garden hoses, which can roughly be categorised into:

  • Bare hose – just the hose, which is often the simplest, cheapest option
  • Hose kit – a hose that comes with connectors, spray gun and other accessories
  • Expandable hose – these hoses expand when filled with water, with a tough other layer to protect the inner tube
  • Hose with reel – these hoses retract or can be wound up around a reel, which can be free-standing or wall-mounted.

When it comes to materials, hoses are usually made from vinyl, rubber or polyurethane.

As a rule of thumb, rubber hoses are the most durable ones you can buy. They are less prone to wear and tear and strong enough to handle high water pressures, although they tend to be pricier than other materials.

Vinyl will generally be the cheapest, and they're lightweight, but they're also prone to kinking and will need to be reinforced to match rubber in durability.

And if you want to use it with a pressure washer, look for mentions of burst pressure – this needs to be at least 350 psi.

To determine how long your hose should be, measure the furthest point that needs to be watered from your outside tap and order the next longest size.

Bear in mind that the longer the hose, the lower the water pressure so don't go for any longer than you need.

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