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WHETHER you're suffering from aches and pains or just want to feel warm under the covers, a hot water bottle can prove extremely effective.

The best hot water bottles feel like an instant indulgence, transforming a cold evening into a warm and snuggly occasion.

Hot water bottles have been used as bed warmers for centuries, but you'll be pleased to know they've come a long way since they were made of metal.

Now, hot water bottles are designed to be cuddled and snuggled, with a range of chunky knit and faux fur covers that you'll love to stroke.

You'll find microwaveable hot water bottles, as well as electrical versions, and there are also plenty of cute cuddly animal hot water bottles to appeal to youngsters.

In addition to different fabrics and prints for hot water bottle covers – you'll find everything from cashmere to Liberty prints – the most coveted hot water bottles now come from eco-friendly brand YuYu.

These long hot water bottles hug the body and can be wrapped around you any way you like. Top tip before you get started: don't ever fill hot water bottles with boiling water.

1. Cassandra

  1. (AD) Cassandra hot water bottle, £5.99 at Amazon – buy here

This reliable, budget choice from Cassandra has a ribbed surface designed to offer gentler heat on the body, and comes with a five-year guarantee.

It's extensively tested for safety and the stopper is washer-less – so it shouldn't leak.

Described by a fan as 'one of life's simple luxuries', millions of these have been sold worldwide.

'I bought 3 of these at once in preparation for winter and I have been using them almost everyday since October.

'They are wonderful. I've never had a leak… If I fill them about 2/3 they will keep really hot for about an hour and pleasantly warm for another hour', writes a happy customer.

2. Hotties

  1. (AD) Hotties Microhottie water bottle, £15.99 at Amazon – buy here

A favourite of anyone suffering from back pain, this tartan print Hotties hot water bottle is convenient and easy to use.

'The key point in assessing this product is to avoid a direct comparison with hot water bottles. You will not get the same level of immediate heat that boiling water provides.

'Rather, this item offers a lower level of heat for a longer period. So it may be a less useful choice in very cold weather. However, I find this slight potential disadvantage to be more than outweighed by the convenience: no more risk of scalded hands filling a real hot water bottle, or need for emptying', writes a convert.

3. YuYu

  1. (AD) YuYu body bottle, £24.99 at Amazon – buy here

YuYu's award-winning water bottle is designed to be wrapped around the body to soothe aches and pains.

This design includes a strap for added convenience to wear around the waist or back, as well as a cosy fleece covering with pocket (just add a sprig of herbs or a tissue doused in essential oils).

The jungle print fleece covering is machine washable, and the Body Bottle is made from biodegradable rubber, which will stay warm for up to eight hours.

Fans insist it's 'amazing' and 'by far the best hot water bottle you can buy'. You'll also find special versions designed for kids.

4. The White Company

  • Super Soft Faux-Fur Hot-Water Bottle, £30 at The White Company – buy here

The White Company has that gift of adding luxury to your house with each towel and bedsheet the brand produces – and this hot water bottle from the retailer won't disappoint, either.

This indulgent faux fur water bottle is 'very soft' and 'cosy', according to reviewers. Its only downfall? You won't want to leave your bed.

5. Argos

  • Hugging Turtles Hottie, £10 at Argos – buy here

No water required for this cute hot water bottle featuring turtles having a cuddle.

Just pop the millet-stuffed turtles in the microwave and enjoy the sweet scent of lavender as they give you a warm hug.

6. Coopers of Stortford

  • Rechargeable Heat Pod, £19.99 at Coopers of Stortford – buy here

For the hot water bottle of the future, look no further than this rechargeable heat pod, a ceramic design with a soft grey cover.

It charges in just five minutes, and promises to keep you warm for up to six hours – no water required.

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