'90 Day Fiancé': Here's Where Amira and Andrew's Relationship Stands

 90 Day Fiancé has seen its fair share of tumultuous relationships, but Amira Lollysa and Andrew Kenton’s was especially interesting. Though the pair was never physically in the same location during filming, they still managed to have some pretty major fights. At the end of the season, the two claimed to be done with one another. But Amira just gave fans an update on their relationship status.

Andrew and Amira’s relationship on ’90 Day Fiancé’

Andrew and Amira had actually met prior to being on the show, unlike some other couples. The two met on an international dating site in May 2018 and began dating officially that July. Andrew once revealed in his Instagram Stories that Amira lived with him for about nine months at one point.

During the show, the two had trouble meeting up because the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic caused the United States to close its borders to the EU. This made it difficult for Amira to leave France and come to the U.S. The two decided to meet up in Mexico, quarantine for two weeks, and then fly to America. Andrew made it through immigration but Amria was stopped in Mexico. She was detained and then sent back to France. Andrew ran into trouble with fans when he stayed in Mexico and enjoyed his vacation instead of going back to America or finding a way to help Amira.

The two tried to meet up again with Amira going to Serbia to quarantine before flying to America but they broke up before Amira ever made it out of quarantine.

Where do Amira and Andrew stand after ’90 Day Fiancé’?

At the 90 Day Fiancé reunion, Amira revealed she was dating someone new. She recently posted photos of herself holding hands with a new man in Toronto. Afterward, she decided to do a Q&A on her Instagram Story. During the session, one fan asked if Amira still spoke to Andrew or anyone else from the franchise.

“No I don’t talk to Andrew Yes I am friends with @themindbodycoah @toborowsky_david @anny_dr02 @robert90days7 to name a few,” she wrote. When another fan asked if she was still friends with Andrew, she answered in a similar fashion.

“No I am not,” she wrote. “I have zero reasons to be. Now, it’s about being happy and getting my self-worth again.

Did Andrew cheat on Amira?

Amira claimed that Andrew had been on dating sites while they were together. Andrew recently cleared those rumors up.

“Amira’s claims about the dating site are false and incredibly misleading. I wasn’t on the site until a week or two after our break-up,” Andrew responded in a statement to ScreenRant. “She had already been back in France by then. She claims she discovered that I returned to the dating website through a notification on her phone. Unless she hacked my e-mail, that is absolutely impossible; she did not have such access. The truth is I had told production that I was on the site and they had told Amira.”

Andrew did briefly date someone from Brazil after he and Amira ended things, however, he revealed on The Dominick Nati Show that the relationship ended due to the drama 90 Day Fiancé caused.

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