Alicia Silverstone Was Kicked Off A Dating App — Twice

She opened up to Drew Barrymore about her dating woes.

Alicia Silverstone has revealed she was kicked off a dating app… twice.

During Tuesday’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”, both the guest and the host spilled about their experiences with online dating.

Silverstone, 45, admitted she had been banned from the same app twice: once when she made a fake account out of fear, the second time right before she was going out on a date.

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“A few years ago I tried to get on one of the dating apps and I put a fake profile, because I wasn’t comfortable yet being me and then I got kicked off, I got banned. And then I tried again, I got the courage up because I heard that you were on, and I heard that Sharon Stone was on, so I was like, ‘Well, if they can be on, I can be on,'” she told Barrymore.

“So I went on as myself and it took a lot of courage to do it. And then I did it and I had a date with someone planned and the day I went in to find out about the date where we were meeting or whatever, I had been banned. Poor guy. I got kicked off as myself too.”

Barrymore, 46, has also had her share of bad experiences. The “Charlie’s Angels” actress revealed that she had gone on a date with a guy who was too caught up in his own “B.S”.

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“This was a nightmare,” she remembered. “He roped me into a pre-game before the dinner and that’s when in the first five minutes he was like, ‘I ruined my marriage by having this torrid affair,’ and then crap-talked his ex-wife and I was literally like, ‘You’re the worst.’ And he’s like, ‘Shall we go to dinner now?'”

Barrymore brought in her “resident dating coach” Damona Hoffman to help the celebrity women determine the red flags you can see on dating apps.

Hoffman asked the women, “Is it a red flag if their profile has a long list of things they want in a partner?”

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To which both women answered no, Barrymore stated, “No flags at all, in fact I wish people would be more specific. My biggest problem is that people, men, they’re so vague and quippy and they tell you their job is like being an astronaut ‘wink, wink’ when they’re clearly not an astronaut. So I don’t see anyone being specific about anything be a red flag for me.”

A profile with just pics and no text raised red flags for both actresses —  and Hoffman agreed, as it could be a sign of a catfish.

The dating coach asked another question, “What if they messaged you with a generic opening line like ‘hey’?”

Both women waved their red flags again, but Silverstone was more sympathetic to a lukewarm greeting.

“I don’t like it, but they do it all the time so you just kinda gotta go with it, because they’re scared,” she explained. “I don’t go like ‘Alarm! I’m not going to talk to you!’ I just would prefer that they have more to say than that.”

Alicia split from husband of 13 years Christopher Jarecki in 2018; they share ten-year-old son Bear.

Drew has been married three times: to Jeremy Thomas from 1994 to 1995, to Tom Green from 2001 to 2002, and to Will Kopelman from 2012 to 2016. She shares daughters, 9-year-old Olive and 7-year-old Frankie, with Kopelman.

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