Americans Judging Chris Hemsworth Maskless Party Pics Mocked as Australia Is Nearly Covid Free

Americans don’t seem to get that other countries exist and/or have responded differently to COVID-19, and some of them far more successfully.

Americans are often mocked for their America-centric worldview, and that perspective was on full display when they self-righteously attempted to destroy Chris Hemsworth for sharing pics at a maskless ’80s-themed party.

Almost immediately, Hemsworth fans from the other hemisphere jumped in to defend the Marvel star and his friends — including Idris Elba (leading to “Thor 4” speculation) — because they’re doing absolutely nothing wrong.

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While America struggles to turn the corner and get a grip on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many other nations, including Australia, had far more successful mitigation efforts to the point they are effectively Covid-free, even before there was a vaccine.

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These nations are proof that responsible social distancing and mask wearing make a difference, but they also didn’t have partisan bickering turning basic science into political issues.

And, as it turns out, they both feel bad for Americans and are pretty relentlessly mocking them in the comments for thinking that every other country must be dealing with COVID-19 exactly the same way (poorly) as Americans and that we’re all at the same stage in our responses.

That perspective is at least part of why America has handled the pandemic response so poorly, because it refuses to acknowledged and see that there might be a better way to handle something than whatever America comes up with.

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Hemsworth has not chimed in with any responses to the Americans trying to shout him down for not wearing a mask in a country that really only deals with positive cases from people flying in from countries who don’t have a grip on their outbreak — like the U.S.

But he doesn’t really need to, as he’s got plenty who’ve already done so, and their responses are pretty great.

When they’re not making fun of the Americans for judging something they apparently know nothing about, they’re also wondering if Idris Elba’s appearance in the photos means that his character, Heimdall, may be getting set up for a return to the world of “Thor.”

It’s also, of course, possible that he and Hemsworth are just friends from having worked together so many times over the years. And for the record, he doesn’t have to wear a mask, either. Australia is not America. Well, we’ll let the commenters tell us all. Here are some hilarious highlights:

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  • “All the Americans in the comment section thinking every other country handled COVID as poorly as them. Australia is basically COVID Free.” –_aidenmccall
  • “Not people in the comments complaining about the use of no masks and a party… ya know in Australia where it’s covid free 😐 do any of you read or watch the news?” –h.o.lly_xox
  • “Everyone say it with me now: THEY 👏🏻 ARE 👏🏻 IN 👏🏻 AUSTRALIA 👏🏻” –laceykayef
  • “did americans forget that other countries exist or-” –erikachun
  • “Imagine a country implementing orders that strictly removed a virus & being able to party like its 2019.” –justchachi
  • “I am giggle at everyone who is like “where are you’re masks”. Some countries actually got a hold on the pandemic and don’t have to take precautions anymore.” –ctinadiva
  • “The amount of people commenting on social distancing ,mask wearing and we are in the middle of a world wide pandemic …. NO we are in Australia 🇦🇺 Pretty much COVID free …. 🤦‍♀️” –sheebaandmarcus
  • “Pov: You’re trying to find a comment about how they are not wearing a mask or how we are in a pandemic in the sea of comments that say that people are dumb because the US is not the only country and they are in australia where it’s corona free” –razvan.dika
  • “all the people commenting no masks, we don’t wear masks in Australia. back to normal, unlike America our country did the right thing” –melsusan
  • “the ignorance in this comment section.. you know he lives in australia right? you know australia did their part and don’t have any covid cases right?” –sassaam
  • “To every self righteous “I’m going to call out this celebrity for breaking COVID rules because I’ve obeyed every single one” person saying “nO mAsKS?” Or iN a pAnDeMiC?” He’s in Australia. They have basically no cases, life is pretty normal there. Do your research before you get all self righteous.” –jamesbrolly03
  • “Look at all these Americans making fools of themselves lol. NOT EVERYWHERE HAS YOUR PANDEMIC!” –real_lil_broom
  • “*cries in American*” –ellapascua

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