Asda's Christmas menu 2021 includes candy cane sausage rolls and a chocolate orange bauble

THE countdown to Christmas has officially begun, as Asda has revealed its festive menu for 2021.

The big day is still 140 days away, but it's never too early to start looking forward to festive food.

Christmas 2021 may be bigger than ever for Brits too, as Covid restrictions separated many families last year.

At Asda, shoppers will be able to get their hands on everything from candy cane sausage rolls and pig in blanket subs to a cake shaped like a bauble.

The supermarket hasn't yet confirmed the prices nor said when they'll be available to buy, so we'll update this article once we hear back.

Below are some of our favourite items from Asda's Christmas menu.

Candy Cane Sausage Roll

This sausage roll with a sage and onion flavour could be a nice snack to treat guests too.

It doesn't taste like candy cane but it's shaped like one, which may be a nice addition on the Christmas table.

The sausage roll comes with a flaky pastry, topped with a crunchy sprinkle.

A six-pack of normal-shaped sausage rolls at Asda cost £1.25.

Pig in Blanket Sub Roll

Pigs in blankets are a must at Christmas – and you'll be able to get them in a sub roll at Asda.

The sausage measures eight inches and can be eaten hot or cold.

It's sold in a brioche sub roll, topped with pork, sage and onion
stuffing, mayonnaise, and a cranberry sauce.

If you'd rather have pigs in blankets on their own, you can get a pack of 12 for £2.59 at Asda.

Irish Cream Mince Pies

Whether you're leaving the indulging to Santa or you're doing it too, few things beat a mince pie during the festive season.

For Christmas this year, Asda is doing mince pies crowned with Irish cream buttercream.

They're not available in Asda stores yet and we can't find any similar options anywhere else, so keep an eye out once we get closer to Christmas.

Betty the Brussel Sprout Cake

Asda's Bruce the Brussels sprout is this year joined by his wife Betty for the Christmas festivities.

The cake is made of chocolate sponge cake, and comes with a chocolate flavour frosting covered in soft green icing.

The Bruce treat cost £10 when it was released last year, so it's likely Betty will set you back a similar amount.

Large Roddy the Reindeer Cake

If you have a big sweet tooth, you may also want to check out the Roddy the Reindeer cake.

It comes with a chocolate sponge, which is filled with chocolate flavoured buttercream.

It's then covered with a milk chocolate coating and decorated with sweets.

The cake reminds of Asda's Clyde the caterpillar cake, which currently costs £5.92 and is big enough to serve 12 people.

Chocolate Orange Bauble

Last but certainly not least, Asda is also releasing a show-stopper Christmas dessert in the shape of a bauble.

It's hand-moulded with a Belgian dark chocolate shell with gold lustre.

The cake is then filled with layers of fresh orange curd, chocolate sponge, blood orange caramel, and chocolate mousse.

Last year, Tesco offered a chocolate orange and maple cake, decorated with a white chocolate bauble for £13.

Tesco has also revealed its Christmas menu for 2021 and it includes gingerbread latte cream liqueur.

And last month, John Lewis revealed the top toys for Christmas 2021 including a £20 wooden train set.

Organised mums were already getting ready for this Christmas in December last year.

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