Best deals supermarkets are offering to celebrate England in the Euro 2020 final

NEARLY 28million Brits were on their edge of their seat as England battled against Denmark to secure their place in the Euro 2020 final.

Now, Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions will look to roar on the field once more when they play against Italy tomorrow evening.

With millions of Brits set to cheer on the lads, you'll be wanting a well-stocked fridge to keep fed and watered.

The Sun has found out which shops are offering the best prices for match staples like Stella, burgers, bangers and crisps.

Here’s a round-up of what we put in our online shopping trolley.

But before you part with your cash, make sure to compare prices online.

As shops change prices all the time, treats on our shopping list might have gone up – or down – in cost by the time you get to the till.

Cheapest beer deals

Unhappy footie fans have been complaining they can't book a free table anywhere to watch the match at their local boozer.

If you've missed out on bagging a slot to watch the game at the pub, then you’ll want to know which supermarkets are selling the cheapest beer so you can watch it at home instead.

When The Sun compared prices of crates of Kronenberg, Becks, and Stella so you don't have to.

Here’s where to head to buy your booze ahead of kick off:


We checked out prices of 15 can packs of Kronenbourg and found Asda was selling them the cheapest.

Morrisons wasn't selling these size crates.

  • Asda: £11.97
  • Tesco: £14, or £12 if you're a Clubcard member
  • Sainsbury's: £12


Feeling thirsty? Tesco is offering the best price for a 20 pack of Beck's.

Only Ocado was selling the same size crates, but it's £1 dearer.

  • Tesco: £12.99
  • Ocado: £14

Stella Artois

If you're planning on buying Stella Artois to watch the match, then head to Asda for the best deal.

We had a look at which supermarkets were selling packs of 10 cans for less – and Asda came top of the leader board, flogging crates for a tenner.

Morrisons didn't sell these size packs.

  • Asda: £10
  • Sainsbury's: £11
  • Tesco: £11

Cheapest BBQ food


If you’re planning on sizzling some sausages, then head to Morrisons for the best price.

It’s selling 454g of pork sausages for just £1.

  • Morrisons: 454g Thick Pork Sausages –  £1
  • Asda: 454g Butcher’s Selection 8 Pork Sausages – £1.29
  • Aldi: 454g Butcher's Select Ashfield Farm 8 Pork Sausages – £1.29
  • Sainsbury’s: 454g Butcher’s choice British Pork Sausage – £1.50
  • Tesco: 454g British Pork Sausages – £1.70
  • Lidl: 400g Deluxe Pork Chipolatas or Sausages – £1.99


Aldi is flogging burgers for just £1.99 if you want to take your BBQ to the next level.

But Morrisons and Sainsbury's are selling packs for just a penny more.

  • Aldi: 4 Scotch Quarter Pounder Burgers – £1.99
  • Morrisons: 454g 4 British Beef Quarter Pounders – £2
  • Sainsbury’s: 454g Quarter Pounder Beef Burgers – £2
  • Asda: 454g Butcher's Selection 4 Quarter Pounder Beef Burgers – £2.49
  • Tesco: 454g Beef Burgers – £2.50
  • Lidl: Birchwood 4 Skinny Burgers – £2.99


Aldi was selling the cheapest pack of buns for 59p.

But as there’s just four in a packet, you might want to head to Lidl instead if you’re feeding more people, where six buns costs 10p more at 69p.

  • Aldi: Village Bakery 4 Seeded Burger Buns – £0.59
  • Lidl:  Rowan Hill Bakery 6 Burger Buns – £0.69
  • Tesco: Large Seeded Burger Buns 4 Pack – £0.70
  • Sainsbury’s: Sesame Topped Burger Buns x6 – £0.70
  • Asda: Big Eat Burger Rolls (6 pack) – £0.99


Fancy a snack? Head to Lidl and Aldi for the cheapest tortilla chips.

Both supermarkets are selling packs for 45p.

  • Aldi: Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips – £0.45
  • Lidl: Simply Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips – £0.45
  • Asda: Lightly Salted Sharing Tortilla Chips – £0.64
  • Tesco: Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips – £0.76
  • Sainsbury’s: Tortilla Chips Salted – £0.95
  • Morrisons: Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips – £1

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