Bill Hader Got Truly Embarrassed By His Daughter in Front of Chris Pratt

"I wanted to strangle her," he joked, "but I was also never more proud of my kid in my life."

Bill Hader’s three daughters have clearly inherited quite the comedic streak.

The actor recounted an insanely funny — and embarrassing — tale involving his children while promoting the third season of his HBO series “Barry” on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”.

According to the SNL alum he was eating dinner at a restaurant in LA with his three kids when in walked Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger.

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“I go, ‘Guys, don’t freak out, but Gardens and Galaxy,'” he told Kimmel. “My daughters are like, ‘Oh, my God!’ The 9-year-old, who was 8 at the time, was like, ‘I know his son.’ And I go, ‘Really?’ She’s like, ‘Yes, I know his son. Can I go over there and say hi?’ I’m like, ‘He’s eating, just leave him alone, please.'”

“So we eat. Finish. Pay. She goes ‘Dad’, we’re walking out, ‘Can I please go over and say hi. Please!’ So I feel terrible,” Hader says. “So I walk over, I go, ‘Hey, Chris. Sorry, but my daughter knows your son.'”

“And my daughter goes, ‘I don’t know his son! You wanted to meet Chris Pratt!'”

“I wanted to strangle her,” he joked, “but I was also never more proud of my kid in my life. I go, ‘Why did you do that?’ And she was like, ‘I don’t know.’ And I was like, ‘You’re gonna make me so much money.'”

Hader shares Hannah, 12, Harper, 9, and Hayley, 7, with former wife Maggie Carey.

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