‘Bird woman of Ukraine’ left bedridden with illness after turning her flat into filthy poo-ridden aviary home to 200 doves and pigeons

A 72-YEAR-OLD woman has been found living in a squalid flat, filled with hundred of dirty birds, after she was forced to call an ambulance when she became sick and bedridden.

Liudmila Fomina 72, from Zaporizhia in Ukraine, turned her two-bedroom flat into a pigeon den with some 200 birds.

The woman says she has been living alone with the birds – believed to be doves and pigeons – for some ten years.

Grave concerns over hygiene were held from social and emergency services.

The case was only exposed when the woman called an ambulance because she was bedridden and unwell.

She was unable to open her door to paramedics.

Emergency workers were forced to use a fire service ladder to enter the flat via a third floor window.

When they finally made their way inside the home-turned-aviary, they found “hundreds of birds”, with excrement on the furniture, floor and kitchenware.

Paramedics were forced to wear masks because of the “stench”.

The elderly woman started feeding the birds a decade ago, and the numbers rose, she said.

She said: “The birds come to be fed.”

Dozens of neighbours have complained but the authorities took no action to halt “this breeding ground for infections”, it was reported.

The woman usually only opens her door to the postwoman who brings her pension.







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“You can’t imagine, I come here with pension, and then I go everywhere else and I have irritated nose for the whole day,” she said.

Svetlana Konashkova, head of social care in the district, said: “We offered help several times but she refused.”

Fomina was previously offered a medical check-up but she told authorities she was a medic and could diagnose herself.

It is unclear from reports whether paramedics removed her from her aviary flat to hospital.

The woman lives alone and has no relatives, say reports.

The find comes just one month after four severely neglected “Mowgli children” were been found in an insanitary flat-from-hell in a Moscow suburb.

The three boys and one girl all under nine were fed by food collected from local rubbish bins, according to reports.

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