Birdseyes iconic 80s Arctic Roll turns 60 as searches increase by a huge 138%

Arguably, the humble Arctic Roll is one of the nation’s most iconic sweet treats.

As the dessert celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, we reflect on its journey, which hasn’t been as plain sailing as one may assume.

The dessert was the invention of Dr. Ernest Veldenin, he set up an ice cream factory to manufacture the innovative dessert in Eastbourne, Sussex, in 1958.

Due to its popularity, Birds Eye began manufacturing the Arctic Roll and it made an exciting entrance to supermarket shelves in 1970 (for around £2.60 in today’s money).

During the 80's, more than 25 miles of Arctic Roll were sold in the UK each month. But sales started to melt away and Birds Eye were forced to pull production in 1997.

This year, it seems history is repeating itself, as Britons continue to seek comfort foods in troubled times. In fact, searches for the dessert in 2021 increased by over 138%, compared to previous years.

Birds Eye Raspberry Arctic Roll 260g can be found in the frozen section of most supermarkets as well as online at Waitrose (£1.20) and Ocado (£2).

Andy Dale, Senior Brand Manager at Birds Eye, said: “The Arctic Roll has been on quite the journey, but there is no denying that the dessert was an unforgettable part of childhood for many of us.

Having stood the test of time, as we mark our 60th birthday, we invite modern families to share the same memorable mealtime moments. We hope Arctic Roll fans of all ages will join in with the celebrations – here's to many more years”.

Twenty first century fans have even spawned a string of social support. Twitter user WHATFORDINNER posted a yes or no question to raise debate about the nostalgic after supper treat.

The post has since received over 1k likes and a legion of UK supporters, as well as some confused critics from the US.

One person said: "omg! Had it at the weekend first time since a kid.. Get this.. Artic roll AND custard!!!! To die for!!"

Another person quipped: "One of my favourite dinners as a kid was rissoles and mash followed by arctic roll for pud"

One user joked: "Substituted for my birthday cake a few times back in the day"

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